Our philosophy is to first ascertain our client’s objectives, and then to    
    plot a strategy to realize those objectives in the shortest time possible.  
    During the progress of our representation, we attempt to keep our
    clients informed about the progress of their matter by copying them on
    relevant documentation.  Thus, when we discuss issues with our client,
    the client is always informed and prepared to assist in the

    This form of preparation and communication has served us well in the
    over 28 years we have been in practice.  Although we have an active
    litigation practice, very few of our cases have actually gone to trial.  
    Most of our cases are resolved prior to trial by settlement or motion
    practice, in substantial part, because of our methodology of strategizing
    and prosecuting (or defending) our client’s interests.

    Our litigation experience carries over into our transactional business
    and vice versa.  We approach our contract work in much the same way,
    first identifying our client’s objectives, then, in negotiation, we apply
    our litigation experience.  What contract provisions or language is
    enforceable?  How would a Court interpret the document?  Do the
    mechanics of the contract document make sense?  The converse is also
    applicable.  When litigating, we consider the business objectives of the
    client drawing on the experience of our contract negotiations.

    In sum, our heads are not above the clouds over some ethereal legal
    theory.  Rather, our attorneys are oriented at utilizing the law and
    ethical considerations to advance our client’s business objectives over all
    other considerations.

    At the outset of our representation, we also provide a written retainer
    agreement outlining the fees that we charge.  That way, clients have an
    up-front understanding of the costs to be incurred.

    Strategy, planning, communication and attempting to meet our clients'
    business objectives in the shortest possible time-that's our philosophy.
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