Our firm represents Commercial Landlords and Tenants in lease
    drafting and negotiation, commercial evictions and litigation of
    Landlord/Tenant disputes.

    We've negotiated leases and lease modifications with national and local
    supermarkets, drug stores, restaurants, banks, department stores, gas
    stations, fabric stores, craft stores, clothing boutiques, shoe stores, and
    other specialty stores as well as cell site leases, ground leases, subleases,
    and leases for offices and industrial site.

    We've brought eviction proceedings for Landlords when their Tenants
    haven't paid rent, brought hold-over proceedings when they haven't
    renewed their leases, terminated leases when they've defaulted, and
    litigated with them over taxes, CAM, percentage rent, insurance,
    exclusives, assignments, environmental contamination, renewal
    options, purchase options and other issues that commonly come up.

    We have also periodically represented Tenants in their litigations who
    have come to us because of our reputation.
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