Whether an associate or a partner, working at Gleich, Siegel & Farkas is
    unlike working at any other law firm.  While we are available to our
    clients 24/7, we believe that lawyers (and support staff) are entitled to
    personal lives.  We believe that they should be able to be with their
    loved ones on weekends and evenings.  Our goal is to complete the
    work we need to do within the work week and to anticipate what needs
    to be done to avoid operating in a “deadline” or “emergency” mode as a
    way of life. When we do have that infrequent "deadline" or "emergency",
    we are well prepared (and rested) to tackle it.

    Granted, we do not make as much money as lawyers working eighty
    hours a week, but what is life about?

    If you share our philosophy, and have a book of compatible business,
    consider changing your lifestyle and contact us.
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