Our firm represents Landlords and other real estate interests in
    Bankruptcy proceedings. Sometimes we even represent Tenants who
    call on us for our expertise.

    With respect to representing Landlords, many national companies
    choose to file their cases in New York's Southern District.

    The Bankruptcy Code requires, in addition to other things, that a
    debtor-tenant perform its obligations under the lease after the date
    upon which the Bankruptcy is filed, and also to assume or reject a lease
    within sixty (60) days of the filing (subject to extension by the Court).

    At times, debtor-tenants do not always comply with their leases and/or
    seek to extend their time to assume or reject for lengthy periods of time
    beyond the sixty (60) day period.

    Since Landlord's rights are substantially effected in the early days of a
    Tenant's Bankruptcy, it is important for Landlords to obtain
    knowledgeable representation immediately. All too often, Landlords
    believe that they cannot do anything in a Tenant's Bankruptcy and do
    nothing. With diligent, knowledgeable representation, from
    enforcement of the Bankruptcy Code provisions which protect
    Landlords, to filing and prosecuting claims against the Bankrupt
    Tenant's Estate, Gleich, Siegel & Farkas is here to assist.

    Click on Decisions of Interest on our website to see what diligent
    representation can achieve.
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